Monday Link Love

– Fact: I would go camping if someone promised me that it would be like this.

– Here’s our perspective on our crazy car problems this past week. I love my husband.

– These business cards have inspired me to pass out all my old ones and re-design and print new ones.

– Awesome type via Vogue Living!

This & That caught my eye recently. So did these light fixtures.

– It’s summer time and these photos are fabulous.

– Check out these dog crates. Prettiest crates I’ve ever seen.

– For my local readers: check out Cbusr! YOU can nominate someone who lives, breathes, and contributes to all things Columbus and promotes our fair city through Twitter and other social media platforms. Also if you missed the Columbus Pride Festival, check out this video by Mike Beaumont.

– Image taken on my trip with my iPhone. I swear I saw a sea monster. Don’t you see it?

June 21, 2010