I had to set up a new Flickr account because I could NOT figure out my old login after I got my new computer. Anyways, did the panda freak anyone else out? I jumped!

1) Large printing at work. I want one of my own. 2) Babysitting adorable puppies. 3) Eating the best pizza ever for our anniversary.

– Photo above taken by one of my best friends, Kellyn. – I want a banquette when we finally own our own home. – And this office chair. I’ve already tested it. It’s the best chair. Ever. Best. Ever. – I was so glad to see Jeni’s appear in my Google Reader! If you EVER [&

Adam and I just celebrated our one year anniversary. I thought I would dedicate this blog post to him and how, after a whole year, I’ve become much more like him. 1. I enjoy watching almost any type of sporting event. Just not football. 2. I respect Eminem much more as an artist. 3. I […]

I’m really drawn to photos that put things into perspective. How big is the sky? I don’t know but we’re pretty small. The photo above taken by Clement Jolin. The photo below taken by Max Wanger.

Ladies and Gents, my summer wish list for 2010. I must preface this list with a few facts about myself. 1. I’m not a “shoes girl.” I’ve never really wanted a pair of shoes. Hence, no shoes on this list. 2. I never buy clothes online but I had to include the featured dress because [&helli

– Fact: I would go camping if someone promised me that it would be like this. – Here’s our perspective on our crazy car problems this past week. I love my husband. – These business cards have inspired me to pass out all my old ones and re-design and print new ones. – Awesome type [

…for 7 days. And to be honest, I’m happy to be home. After lots of driving, four full days at the beach, wonderful family time, and horrid car trouble we’re finally back. Regular blogging starts now!

I usually pump out links to share on Mondays but I’ve been behind in almost everything lately. My room is covered in dirty (and clean) clothes, I’m battling a head cold and I’m juggling three jobs! Anyways, if you’re bored at work or waiting for the weekend to roll around…enjoy the

I spent the weekend with one of my best friends and my family. It was so wonderful and hopefully I can get back into the swing of things. Here are a few of my favorite snapshots from the weekend. [from top to bottom: bff Kellyn Walker, my dog Desh (who just turned 1 years old!) […]