Monday Link Love

^Photo of a windmill farm that I passed on a recent trip to Chicago. Something about windmills always stops me in my tracks.

– I’ve recently found a lot of blogs posting AMAZING invitations lately. It motivates me to always be thinking of new ways to interpret an invitation. Check out these, and these, and these, and these, ohhh and lastly these.

– I like the monochromatic cover along with the use of stamps in this little book.

– Letterheads are SO difficult to design (solely my opinion) and I absolutely love this one.

– Another cute book.

– Seth Godin on “When a Stranger Reads Your Blog.”

– I love this ring so much I “starred” it twice in Google Reader without realizing it. Growing up, I always wanted turquoise in my wedding band but I never thought it could be done well.

– My husband and I painted a wall in our old apartment with chalkboard paint but I think the first photo is a much better alternative.

– Loving the work of AFOM and Charming Baker.

May 3, 2010