It’s a Process

Everyone is a graphic designer these days and sometimes our culture forgets that it takes a lot of work. Not every designer just live traces everything and slaps on some generic font. I’ve started and completed so many projects this past year and the process is difficult. I thought I’d share a few of my “draft” vs “final” snapshots so that you can see the process. Enjoy!

^ This project is a current one. It’s always interesting to see where a project goes when the designer and the client have two completely different visions. I actually really like both versions.

^ This project has been completed and it took me awhile, as the designer, to understand what the client was looking for. Sometimes communicating through email isn’t good enough and because of this project, we began using Skype to talk voice-to-voice.

^ This wedding invitation set has not even been revealed on my website, blog, or Facebook page yet! I’m excited to show you all the entire set because it’s one of my favorites. The couple really knew what they wanted but even the most detail oriented people have so many options to choose from.

Hopefully I’ll be able to share things like this more often. No Monday Link Love today. I posted a lot links via Twitter last week. Check them out here along with some of my other favorite tweets by others.

May 24, 2010