I know I say this every time I design wedding invitations but this set is really one of my favorites. The couple, who will be married this summer on Lake Geneva, decided they wanted to communicate to their guests the importance of the lake. They achieved this by adding hand drawn sketches of the Riviera [&helli

This post has been a long time coming! With life, work and everything in between I was finally able to connect with MaKenzie and get these fabulous details about their wedding day! This couple is stunning and their wedding day was absolutely beautiful. After a 10 month engagement, MaKenzie and Ross said “

Everyone is a graphic designer these days and sometimes our culture forgets that it takes a lot of work. Not every designer just live traces everything and slaps on some generic font. I’ve started and completed so many projects this past year and the process is difficult. I thought I’d share a few o

I love prints. I love posters. I love local! These Are Things (located in Columbus, Ohio) is awesome! Check out their shop. I hope to purchase a Columbus neighborhoods print soon.

What’s on television tonight? I don’t know. Wait, actually I do know. All the time. We got rid of cable this year and now I have a love/hate relationship with television. Most of the shows that I watched are available on Hulu.com now but lately I’ve had a hard time interacting with others on T

One of my favorite new features in Illustrator CS5 is the ability to create a perspective grid while drawing. You can adjust the height, width and lots of other adjustable areas. Lynda.com is a great resource to watch tutorials on new software. What’s your favorite new feature in CS5? Is there anything yo

A trillion plus a million. That’s how many things I have running through my head. More to come later (including my new approach to Twitter, new and exciting blog posts, and a new philosophy that I invited. Just kidding about the philosophy part.) Oh and don’t worry–I found those ants outside.

I’m not a banker but I have to say…I was overly excited when I logged into my online Huntington account and saw their new site design (pictured above)! As a designer, it wasn’t fun signing into their old site everyday. I thought I would include a screenshot of what their site USED to look like

The Charismatic Dogs book has a site now! The photographer, TOTSPUPS.com, emailed me yesterday informing me Blurb.com will be using the Charismatic Dogs book for marketing purposes! Very awesome. Volume II is in the works.

This week I started my new job as a graphic designer for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. I absolutely love it and I thought I’d share a picture of my desk. I’ve been using CS5 all week which is such a treat and now I’m thinking of ways to save and buy it for […]

Just popping in to let you know that I’m on a 5 day break from blogging. I had a busy weekend. I am now 23 years old and today I started my new job. While I adjust to the changes, enjoy your week and we’ll chat on Friday.

Happy Weekend. From me and my pal Desh. I’m taking a break this weekend to enjoy family, friends, blessings and life. My birthday is Sunday and I start my new job on Monday! Have a good one.

Well, all of my orders are sent out and I feel accomplished in the fact that I had my first experience in paper goods. I realize now that I will always love print design more than anything designed for web and I’m okay with that. There’s something really great about holding what you created in [&hel

This week’s couple is very dear to me. Megan and Joshua were married last August in the Indianapolis area and I was blessed to be Megan’s matron of honor. I met Megan when I was fourteen and her and her husband are two of the greatest people I know. You may have seen either of […]

This week I’d like to introduce Elizabeth Schuppe. Elizabeth is fine artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York. I have always been a huge fan of her paintings and so when she agreed to participate in this series, I was floored. Here is an excerpt from her site : “Color, line, shape, texture, a

^Photo of a windmill farm that I passed on a recent trip to Chicago. Something about windmills always stops me in my tracks. – I’ve recently found a lot of blogs posting AMAZING invitations lately. It motivates me to always be thinking of new ways to interpret an invitation. Check out these, and the

It’s like a got an email from my boyfriend and he thinks we should break up before the summer starts. And that he’s giving me back some of the CDs that I bought him. It hurts, you know?