One Day : Mitch and Amy

This is the fourth post in our One Day series and I’m happy to introduce Mitch and Amy! After a 15 month engagement, they were married in Holland, Michigan and danced the night away on Windmill Island. Enjoy reading some of Amy’s thoughts and take a look at some of their beautiful photographs.

1. Now that it has been almost a year since your wedding day, what do you remember most about the day? What I remember the most is the way I felt. I’m not sure I prepared myself for how emotionally overwhelming a wedding is. Having all the people that you care about the most take so much time out of their lives to spend celebrating you was absolutely overwhelming and amazing. That’s what I remember the most, and what my husband and I talked about the most on our honeymoon was how loved we felt and how awesome the people in our lives are.

2. What was the vision for your wedding day before you started planning? I wanted it to be personal, original, and memorable. I was tired of seeing gerber daises and tooling and all of the other typical wedding trends (sorry). I wanted to do something different that fit Mitch and I.

3. How did that vision change by the time you were finished with the planning? Near the end of my planning I started to not care as much because I just wanted to be married! Honestly, I grew tired of spending so much money and started to “weed” out my ideas and only chose to do the ones I thought would be remembered and would show a personal touch. For example, I had a semi-elaborate picture in my mind of what I wanted the front of the church to look like for our ceremony, but decided to go with the more traditional flower arrangements that we could use at the reception. Since our ceremony lasted a whopping 20 minutes, I’m glad I didn’t waste time decorating the church.

4. What difficulties did you face while planning a wedding in Holland, MI? I didn’t face too many difficulties. Holland is a city built on Dutch traditional (meaning, we’re cheap!) so everything was pretty affordable, and there are a lot of options to choose from. We also know a lot of people who offered to help with things from sewing our table runners to decorating to lighting candles, cutting our cake, and cleaning up after wards.

5. What was your least favorite part of wedding planning? My least favorite part was feeling stressed about feeling like I had to please everyone. I know it’s supposed to be “your day,” but there are a lot of people involved, and all of their opinions, at times, need to be considered. Everything was so new to me as I had only attended a couple of weddings before my own, so I needed a lot of guidance and advice in everything from how to word invitations and programs to what to register for to names/seasons of flowers…etc. I had no clue!

6. What was your favorite part of wedding planning? I love being crafty, so it was a lot of fun for me to think of creative ways to do invitations, programs, seating cards…etc. I absolutely loved working with Allie Lehman on designing my invitations and programs, she does amazing work!! I also lived with 3 engaged friends at the time, too, so it was fun to bounce ideas off of each other and complain about certain aspects of planning.

7. How did Mitch (the groom) fit into the wedding planning process? I always bounced my ideas off of Mitch and he respectfully listened, but never really had an opinion. He just always said everything sounded great. When he could, he came to meeting with the photographer and caterer with me. He did help with all of the invitations and programs. He also made and painted some flower boxes that we put our seating cards in. He was fun to craft with, but I am sure he’s glad it’s over!

8. If you could go back in time – what would “married Amy” tell “engaged Amy” before the wedding planning started. First of all, I would tell her that marriage is the best thing that will ever happen to you, so whatever you do or plan for the wedding doesn’t really matter, at the end of it all, you’ll be married either way! I think that I would also say to do some research and figure out a budget so at the end, you’re comfortable with what you spent because it’s what you planned on!

Amy and Mitch’s wedding photography by Steven and Jessica Fox.

April 21, 2010