Monday Link Love

Still no Internet at our new place so my link love is rather short this week! I thought, while I’m searching out my favorite home decor, that I’d share with you! Enjoy and PLEASE comment with links to your favorite online shops when decorating your cozy casa. The image above is one of my favorite prints over at Urban Outfitter’s Print Shop!

– Loving this rug.

– These beds are amazing! I want one of each please.

– Of course you can’t go wrong with Etsy. It amazes me that some people still have never heard of it. Spread the love, people!

– If you’re in Chicago, check out Salvage One for me. And then share your finds!

– I love their books. They have great details to add to your office and home.

– A fellow Columbus tweeter sent me the link to this shop. And another tweeter sent me this link to Muji.

Sorry for the short link post! Still getting settled into our new place and the Internet is scarce!

April 19, 2010