meet : megan cook

MEET is my Tuesday series where I am able to feature an artist, their work, and share a few thoughts from them personally! This week I’m excited to introduce Megan Cook! Megan is a twenty-two year old illustrator and graphic designer located in Indianapolis. I have always been a huge fan of her illustrated books and large collages & paintings. I can’t wait to see the work she will continue to produce! Enjoy meeting Megan!

01. At what point in your life did you know you’d be an artist? I’m not sure, but I fell in love with art in kindergarten. I had an art teacher who would make us popcorn to eat while we worked and would tell us stories about artists like Van Gogh and Georgia O’Keefe. She had a really profound impact on me.

02. Do you have another talents, passions, or hobbies? I really enjoy writing and reading the work of great writers. I have written a couple children’s stories and hope to continue my writing career alongside my design future. I have always loved stories and I think that is why I love art/design: everything has a story and you can choose to write it, or describe it visually.

03. Who has been the most encouraging person in your life? My husband and my parents.

04. What inspires you? I find inspiration in a lot of different places: through other artists’ work, through reading, and through pictures or memories.

05. What medium still intimidates you? 3D mediums are hard for me to tackle: I’m a 2D thinker.

06. What artistic trend do you dislike? I dislike the returning 80s trends and colors: too many gross colors and patterns put together in thoughtless ways — but that applies more to fashion design right now.

07. What has been your favorite piece of someone else’s art up until this point in your life? Tough question! I think I have lots of favorites. I really like George Braque’s collage work, and Paula Scher’s posters for the Public Theater’s New York Shakespeare Festival.

08. Do you create art full-time? If so- where and what has that experience been like? I have been doing art on the side right now, while searching for a way to do it full time. My experience in working other jobs that don’t literally relate to art has been an affirming one: the longer that I don’t work in the design world, the more I realize that it is what I want to do full-time.

March 30, 2010