Meet : Aldan Shinault

I’m excited to featured Aldan Shinault, a twenty-three year old designer originally from Illinois. Aldan and I went to high school together and we were able to reconnect this year. It’s so awesome to see how Aldan has grown as an artist. Enjoy looking at his work and reading some of his thoughts about life and art.

01. At what point in your life did you know you’d be an artist? I’ve loved drawing and have been more of a visually stimulated kinda guy since I was a little kid.  It runs through my veins, and thus my being an artist was never really a decision.

02.  Do you have other talents, passions, or hobbies? I have a passion for interior decorating and Ferrari automobiles.  As a hobby, I buy clothes.  Lots of clothes.  It’s becoming a problem.

03. Who has been the most encouraging person in your life? My mother has always been the most encouraging person in my life.  Since day one she has gently guided me, but has always given me enough room to make necessary mistakes.

04. What inspires you? Artistically, I’m inspired by:

  • the complexity of God and Heaven
  • geometry
  • The Godfather part 2
  • Louis XIV style furniture
  • 1980s fashion
  • alignment and symmetry
  • palm trees
  • the subjectivity of beauty

05. What medium still intimidates you? As far as intimidating mediums, I’ll have to stick with traditional film movie production.  I mean, I got my degree in that sh*t… but it kicked my ass through-and-through.  I don’t wanna be anywhere near a film camera ever again.

06. What artistic trend do you dislike? Pop art — simplistic approaches to appropriating images.  Just… unoriginal in every sense.  Andy Warhol is f*cking evil.

07. What has been you favorite piece of someone else’s art up until this point in your life? The photography of my buddy Kristina Bereolos.

08. Do you design full-time? If so- where and what has that experience been like? I used to design full-time when I lived in Chicago.  At present, I work at a private greenhouse / flower garden.  There I maintain orchids & roses, feed chameleons, and read.

09. Do you think you have a specific style? What is that style and do you see yourself evolving out of that anytime soon? I’d say my style is sexy, subtle, in-your-face, and smooth… all jumbled into one well sewn, highly detailed package.  I ain’t never gonna change!

March 16, 2010