That's my stomach grumbling…

I always want breakfast at around 9:30AM. Unfortunately by then I’m already at work, busy, and feeling sick…because I didn’t eat breakfast at 7AM. What’s a girl to do?

Do any of you have favorite breakfast meals? I’d love any new recipes for either a busy weekday morning or a lazy, late Saturday breakfast event.

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  • i love your new blog design! it looks great. i don’t have any recipes to share, but that sandwich looks amazing, hehe! :)
    love, amy

  • I Love good clean design on websites. Great looking site.

  • Gorgeous site! I love how clean it looks.

    Your breakfast looks great! Granola is always an easy fix…I have an easy 5 minute recipe on my site. Otherwise oatmeal is my go-to…5 minutes flat!

  • afancyhello

    Thanks for all the compliments! Loved reading your comments.

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