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I have been creating things for a long time. Looking back now, I see that I created very different things compared to what I create now. It’s interesting to see what was once your style. Are you evolving or are you playing it safe?

Pieces created in 2005. Oil and watercolor paintings.

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  • This is interesting, Allie, because I was a very realistic painter before college. I was never really a fan of abstract art and I didn’t understand how to work that way. Bruce brought out my abstract side, and now I hardly paint anything but abstract. Now I almost prefer to paint concepts and memories as opposed to things. Thanks for sharing some of your old work. You have some amazing realist skills, my friend. I still miss painting beside you!!!

  • Omgoodness these are so beautiful!! I opened this on my iphone earlier and I swore they were real pictures.

    For the most part, I think regardless of what medium I’m working in, even though the subject might change, I think my perception of it is always pretty similar. I don’t know if it is just how I view things, or the way my brain focuses, but there is usually something familiar throughout my work, even dating back to high school. There are a few people who I’ve had several art classes with who can pick out my work be it photography, painting, collage, etc. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing though to be so stylized? I don’t know how to change it though. It’s like my own artistic language I guess.

  • I agree with Bree! I used to do prismacolor drawings of flowers and birds in high school… now you know what I do. :)

  • @Bree: Isn’t it crazy how painting at Taylor pushed us out of that realistic style? I’m so glad I took that class with all you talented ladies :)

    @Sonya: Thank you for the compliment!! I agree with you though, I think that you can maintain your artistic language while evolving. It would be very odd if I turned to grunge/dark design randomly. Consistency is a good attribute in my opinion.

    @Ashely: Ohhh Prismacolor! I had Gary for Drawing I and we had to draw our self portrait with Prismacolors. Were you in that class? Do you still do graphic design or do you primarily stick with abstract fine arts?

  • These are really lovely.

  • Wow these are amazing! I also thought these were real photographs when I saw them. In answer to your question, looking back on my work from school, through university and now into my job, I think I do retain a certain style in the projects I do. I think this is somewhat bound to the aesthetics I enjoy, like bright colours, geometric shapes. straight lines and repeat pattern. As a growing designer I do think it’s important to maintain an element of personal style but I love to experiment, learn new skills and as scary as this may be venturing into the unknown, it always brings about new creativity! You have some serious skills. It’s lovely to see what others strings you have to your bow.

    • Thank you Kim! I agree. There is always a underlying element to my work but I have evolved A LOT. In college I was still “falling in love” with design and didn’t know how to depart from fine art. I am excited to see how I evolve over the next 5 years! It’s always fun to go back and look at your old work too.

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