What’s your favorite way to cook vegetables? By the way, I really do love the Veggie Tale movies. I’m sorry if I tricked you with the title.

The past week or so has been crazy and I don’t think I realized that until now. We were either in in Indianapolis, Cincinnati, or here in Columbus working. I must say that I’m utterly amazed at how much freelance design work that I’ve been receiving and I feel very blessed. I know this journey

I have been creating things for a long time. Looking back now, I see that I created very different things compared to what I create now. It’s interesting to see what was once your style. Are you evolving or are you playing it safe? Pieces created in 2005. Oil and watercolor paintings.

It’s the second week of my MEET series. I hope that this can continue on for as long as possible. I have artists lined up until the beginning of summer so check back every Tuesday to meet someone new. This week I’m featuring designer Joshua Cook. He is twenty-three year old graphic designer in India

Last month I was a part of a giveaway over on Elise’s blog and I’m happy to announce that the cards featured there are now for sale here! The cards come in a set of five 4×6 inch cards with envelopes.

I’m anticipating a trip to the Apple Store to purchase my very own iMac. I’ve been working on a Macbook Pro for three years now and everything about the upgrade sounds wonderful. I’m currently looking to sell my 3-year old Macbook Pro to anyone that is interested. I’m also selling my 6 m

I’ve been stuck inside for most of February and I blame most of it on the snow. Since I’m not out exploring the world, I thought I’d share some things I’ve found online. Enjoy! The week is half over! I’ve been reading this little bits at a time. I’ve really enjoyed it. My hus

Meet Byron A. Gronseth, a twenty-eight year old designer located in Seattle Washington. Q1. At what point in your life did you know you would be an artist? I have two stories that I feel best describe my creative origins. I’ve been drawing and playing with colors since I was a child, but when I […]

Here’s the story. I never use Bing. Until the other day. I used Bing to find some images of vintage pattern and boy am I glad that I did. I came across Aprile Elcich’s collage blog and I really loved looking through it. On her site she states, “My goal is to feature every single […]

I have officially left my full-time [office] day job in hopes that a recent new opportunity will work out within a few weeks. In between then, I’d love to book more freelance projects to keep me busy and to keep food on my table. It’s not easy giving up stability for family, relationships, beliefs,

Excited to say that JewelHazelton.com has been launched! Still working out the kinks in IE but very happy with the results! If you’re in the Atlanta area, check her out. She specializes in public relations, events and freelance writing.

Find out what type YOU are! Click here to take the quiz. (PS: you need to have your speakers on.) I found this lovely quiz on Love Forever who found it on Bird and Banner. Check them out too! Great blogs.

Right now is one of those times where I don’t have any work to share because I’m working hard creating and producing a final product for my clients. What are you working on right now? Share a link!

I always want breakfast at around 9:30AM. Unfortunately by then I’m already at work, busy, and feeling sick…because I didn’t eat breakfast at 7AM. What’s a girl to do? Do any of you have favorite breakfast meals? I’d love any new recipes for either a busy weekday morning or a lazy,

I’ve been a bit distracted with some big life decisions and with my poor little Desh being neutered. As you can see, it’s more like a cone of sadness. Anyways, I’ll hopefully be posting more regularly so come by again tomorrow!