What is reading?

Is reading a passion, a habit, a personality trait, or a task? Sometimes I can’t figure out why I don’t create more time to read. Rewind ten years ago and all I did was read. I’m currently trying to read a few books:

– Ayn Rand and the World She Made : Anne C. Heller

– How to be a graphic designer, without losing your soul : Adrian Shaughnessy

– The Cheese Monkeys : Chip Kidd

– With Christ in the School of Prayer : Andrew Murray

We’ll see how this year goes. I’m hopeful.

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Comments (3)

  • I have this book and the one for illustrators… I still have to get around to reading them though. Love your Boston Terrier book! I have two Boston’s – a four year old male and a three month old female.

    Enjoying your blog!

  • afancyhello

    Thanks so much for reading! Let me know once you read the one for illustrators. I still haven’t gotten around to finishing the one for designers.

  • afancyhello

    PS: Love your blog! Adding it to my Google Reader.

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