Hey pals, I’m headed off to relax, sleep, and spend time with friends until Sunday. Enjoy your weekends and I’ll be back rested on Monday. Image found here. It’s currently my wallpaper.

Is reading a passion, a habit, a personality trait, or a task? Sometimes I can’t figure out why I don’t create more time to read. Rewind ten years ago and all I did was read. I’m currently trying to read a few books: – Ayn Rand and the World She Made : Anne C. Heller […]

I’ve seen Spin Thread’s work on a few blogs and thought- heck another feature never hurt anyone! I love these necklaces and can’t imagine how much work goes into each one! Check out the shop here!

I was FINALLY home alongside the sunlight streaming through my back window and could photograph some of my printed work. It’s definitely not professional but when you get something legitimately printed, you want to show that! Take a look over here for more photos.

Saw this over at BB-Blog and LOVED it. Stay up and Make Something. Something I can relate to. You can purchase a print for $35. And get this– they mixed the blank ink with coffee as well as glow in the dark paint. Originally found here.