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Sorry for not posting yesterday. I was a little distracted….

Comment on this post with your favorite iPhone apps!

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  • My favorites are TweetDeck (so I can tweet from anywhere), Flixster (so I can get movie times quickly), and foursquare. Foursquare is a potentially cool, location-based game/app. Some blogs are saying it will be the “Twitter of 2010.”

  • I’m getting one this month. so excited.
    so, so excited.
    let me know if you find a good calendar ap.

  • afancyhello

    @Jon: Thanks!

    @Elise: omg you will LOVE it. I’ll let you know my fav apps after I have more time to browse :)

  • @jon I’ve seen a lot of foursquare happenings coming through my twitter feed. I never want to be left out of a trend….

    @elise I simply use the calender app that is preoaded. It syncs with ical, but I use to sync my google calender, ical, and iphone calender. Also syncs my contacts in each.

    @allie. my most used apps: things, tweetdeck, facebook, google, dropbox, weightbot, pandora, logos.

  • You can see other people’s iPhoneography (photos taken with iPhone) here and you can post it here: . Some of the photos are pretty artsy and wonderful.

    Congrats on your His and Hers iPhone purchase.

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