Monday Update + Links

I don’t have any recent work to share. So much of my time has been dedicated to creating contracts, finalizing web content, meeting with future clients that I haven’t been designing. It could also have to do with the fact that I took three whole days off, left my computer at our apartment, and travelled to Indiana to spend time with family over the Thanksgiving holiday. It felt great. But I’m back and I thought I’d share some links:

I’m on Google Wave (add me: and I found 10 gadgets to make Google Wave more productive.

I want to serve these at a dinner party.

I’m itching for a vacation. Next stop: here.

This is amazing. Creative people in their creative spaces.

Found this site in my bookmarks…I need to use my Holga camera again. Anyone know if a good place to get film/prints in Columbus?

Wouldn’t mind doing a little shopping here.

That’s all I have for you this fine Monday. The image above is the streets of Gaylord, Michigan last winter. SNOW!


November 30, 2009