It's Only You.


A favorite excerpt from one of my favorite books. You can take so much from this book, but for some reason this small, small portion always stuck in my head. I guess we’re all fools at some point, right?

Peter: It doesn’t matter much to you, does it?

Katie: What?

Peter: What I’ve been doing

Katie: Oh…yes it does, Peter. No, not too much.

Peter: That’s sweet of you.

Katie: But you see, it’s not what you do that matters really, It’s only you.

Peter: Me what?

Katie: Just you here. Or you in the city. Or you somewhere in the world. I don’t know. Just that.

Peter: You know, you’re a fool. You’re technique is something awful

Katie: My what?

Peter: You’re technique. You can’t tell a man so shamelessly, like that, that you’re practically crazy about him.

Katie: But I am.

Peter: But you can’t say so. Men won’t care for you.

Katie: But I don’t want men to care for me.

Peter: You want me to, don’t you?

Katie: But you do, don’t you.

Peter: I do.

(via The Fountainhead. image via lizzy janssen)

November 1, 2009