I don’t have any recent work to share. So much of my time has been dedicated to creating contracts, finalizing web content, meeting with future clients that I haven’t been designing. It could also have to do with the fact that I took three whole days off, left my computer at our apartment, and trave

Just realized there were some pieces that aren’t on my blog or my personal site. I’ve had two external hard drives crash which is why I switched to DropBox but I still like documenting my work on my blog just in case something crazy happens and my DropBox gets deleted too. So this is for […]

I didn’t take a lot of pictures from my weekend but I needed and loved it. I’m excited to be spending another long weekend with my new family. It made me re-evaluate a lot of things and I’m excited about the future. I have a lot of projects that I’m working on but I can’t […

I hope this Monday is a start to a very short week for all of you! I had a wonderful weekend in Illinois and it was so refreshing to be with my family and close friends. But now I must work until another fun extended weekend. Enjoy these links and remember to be THANKFUL! The […]

I’m on a retreat of sorts. Off to see my family after being away from my hometown since my wedding! Enjoy your weekend, readers and create a retreat for yourself! I’ll be back Monday. Image via here.

Thank you to all who voted for the book! It was one of three books that won the GRAND PRIZE! It was so fun designing this piece for TOTSPUPS Fine Art Photography. Her photography is outstanding and she really helped push the design direction throughout the process. (photo via here).

I know. I’m a sucker. This has nothing to do with me as an artist, you as an artist, or anything that involves creativity or design. This is simply because I love my dog and I have this theory that he’s the cutest one out there. His name is Desh and the pictures range from […]

Another Monday is here to stay. I feel like I just wrote a Monday link post. Oh well. I hope all your weekends were fab. Enjoy! This blog hooked me as soon as I read the title…and the yummy recipes! One of my best friends, Megan, is starting to blog through the alphabet. I hope […]

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! I had the day off yesterday and was working for some clients and realized how important my client are to me! So here is my ode to clients…but not in song form. More like link form. Central Coasters I recently helped Cheryl launch her new Etsy shop: […]

By the way, check out my interview with designer Joshua Cook from Indianapolis. He has featured me today on his blog and will continue to interview fellow designers on his series of “Design Dialogues.” Check it out!

I recently began working with Jewel Hazelton. She’s a public relations, events, and freelance writer and it’s exciting to be working on her personal branding alongside her. Keep watch for updates on her site and blog! If you’re in the Atlanta area- look her up!

More links to start your week. I enjoyed my weekend but Adam was gone so it wasn’t as good as it could have been. For Print Only just featured a really different, but awesome invitation design. I definitely don’t gravitate toward that shade of pink, but I really like this. Also, can I get my [&helli

It would mean so much to me if you would take a few moments out of your day and vote for a book that I designed. It’s been entered into a contest and voting ends November 9th. I’m pretty sure it’s currently 3rd in the leader board. Thank you so much (in advanced) to anyone […]

Happy start-of-the-week. I thought I would share some of my favs lately. Hope your Monday’s rocking. Is it the color, the letterpress, or the wonderful overall gorgeous design? You decide. Everything about this blog is great. I’d say, it’s something to write home about. If I could hand pick my

A favorite excerpt from one of my favorite books. You can take so much from this book, but for some reason this small, small portion always stuck in my head. I guess we’re all fools at some point, right? Peter: It doesn’t matter much to you, does it? Katie: What? Peter: What I’ve been doing [&