Well hello…

Photo 671

Yesterday I had about 300 blog views. Now, maybe the same person visited my blog lots and lots of times but I’d love to just think that I had a lot of visitors. If that’s true, thank you. When I started this blog, I wanted to use it for the sole purpose of displaying recent work but I realized that all the blogs that I regularly read reflect the author in a personal way. Perhaps I’m slowly moving in that direction.

I plan on posting more often. I think it will keep me involved with the things that I love. So many freelance designers are working full-time jobs, balancing life, and trying to get enough sleep to remain sane. I’ll try to be honest and maybe even share design work that I’m not that excited about. Feedback is the only way a designer can evolve.

*The photo above is me and my pal, Desh.

October 26, 2009