I stopped painting about 4 months ago and it wasn’t until now that I could bring myself to admit why. When I design, I have a purpose. I’m trying to communicate something, I’m trying to get someone’s attention, I’m trying to create something completely new. I’m not always suc

I’m a girl who likes routine so I thought I’d dedicate my Wednesday posts toward some handmade artists that I admire. Featured today is the shop Wunderlust. I’ve had this shop favorited for about a year and their work really intrigues me. I respect artists who work in different mediums that in

This is my desk. But I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that this is where I create. Most of the time, you can find me designing while sitting on the couch, laying on the bed, or sitting at the dining room table. WHY don’t I just sit here? Someone please tell […]

Yesterday I had about 300 blog views. Now, maybe the same person visited my blog lots and lots of times but I’d love to just think that I had a lot of visitors. If that’s true, thank you. When I started this blog, I wanted to use it for the sole purpose of displaying recent […]

A big project just wrapped up and it’s available here. Working alongside TOTSPUPS Photography was awesome, like always. I wish she could photograph my puppy! This page will be a 40-page softbound book. Full color and full bleed. Cover pictured below:

Well, folks. Freelancing while juggling a full-time job, husband, puppy, and the rest of life is a difficult thing. But I’ve learned a lot and I’m now able to decide what projects I should be taking on and what projects probably wouldn’t work. Hopefully, I’ll be working with Egolabel soo