Finally finished my branding.

Hello all. Thanks for waiting (since I knew you were). I finally finished my branding. My logo is not strictly typographic allowing myself to change the colors if my style changes (since it does from month to month). My old website was just a part of the process and I’m very pleased with the new. Visit it here if you wish to explore.


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  • Ok so heres what I see the site has a nice looking homepage but no grid and nothing flashy that stands out. When you go to the design section I was left clicking “Page 1” and wondering when was it gona load. The I realized I was already on page 1, you should make more of a distinction like “you are here on page 1”. The portfolio pictures being on the far right should be integrated with flash or something because its to dull. When you click on a picture the big picture loads but theres no content as to what im looking at or why you designed it. The sites got potential but these are just a few things that need tweaking!

    • afancyhello

      Hey! Thanks for your awesome feedback. The site will be going FLASH by May but I needed something up there with my branding for my senior portfolio show. I’m going to make some changes and then I’d love for more feedback.

  • Hello! Good work! You’re random?! The last one doesn’t really apply, but you get the idea. Loving your work for reals though. Was told that your wedding invites were up.. Adam’s lying to me now?!

    • afancyhello

      No the invites aren’t up yet…so Adam was lying. Thanks for the compliment Cheryl :)

  • looks pretty good. there are a couple minor things that threw me for a curve, but otherwise usability is pretty good. email me if you want the specifics.

    • afancyhello

      Hey Timmy! thanks for be willing to give me feedback. I’ll email you in a few.

  • kellyn walker

    looks nice! and im proud of you as always. love it when i get a new surprise on your site :)

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