Hello all. Thanks for waiting (since I knew you were). I finally finished my branding. My logo is not strictly typographic allowing myself to change the colors if my style changes (since it does from month to month). My old website was just a part of the process and I’m very pleased with the new. [&hellip

I had a lot of visitors today and I’d love it if you left me a comment. A “hello,” or a “good work,” or even a “you’re random” would be awesome. Either way, Thanks for checking out my work!

I’m currently developing my Flash portfolio website with plans to launch it in May. The image is my layout/ideas so far. It’s layout is very comparable to my current portfolio site [www.alliejocson.com] with a little more personality. I feel that if I continue with this idea, I will be able to take

Video Art Piece titled “Inside the Lines.” It’s a piece commenting about the first time we’re told “no.” When watching it, the first reaction is to say “stop!” but maybe there’s nothing wrong with coloring outside the lines. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/w